What Others Are Saying About Louis…

“Your article in the May forum is right on, If we do not live by Christian Principles, we have no principles! “
“Please keep up the good work and keep fighting the good fight.  You are an excellent writer… I have to believe that one day there will be a type of awakening for the American people.  However, we’re going to need more people like you that can fill up the Forum (and every other newspaper) with the truth.”
“I’ve often enjoyed your articles so much that I’ve said:  ‘I want to write to him and thank him for this.’ Never having gotten around to it until now, but Bravo! to you for such great insight and poignant perspective. Keep up the good work, please; and know I am a great fan of yours…for whatever that’s worth. I love your articles, views and great writing style.  You have a wonderful gift and I always look forward to your opinions contributed to The Forum.  Thank God for your voice of reason and perfect perspective.”
“I always look forward to reading your column in The Forum. I really appreciate your effort and talent necessary to produce a meaningful column each issue. I just wish your latest column, ‘Tell Me Lies’, could have national circulation. I’m hoping that the contribution that you and others make in discussing the political situation will help us make the needed change in the upcoming presidential election. Keep up the good work.”
“I usually do not get this excited about today’s politics. I am one of many that have just about lost faith in today’s government. I sit in wonder: how do we get through to the younger generations and the ones that think our government owes them a free ride? In reading your article, the light came on; this is it. We have to quit pointing the finger at one another and start getting the message out in a simple common sense way. I am not sure how you do it, I think you should share this with our area high schools. Job well done.”
“I want to express my appreciation for your article in The Forum May 29-June 11, ‘A Motto To Live By’. As a retired Army Chaplain, 1 Jan. 2006, I am concerned about the ‘damaging attempt to pull God from our daily lives’. Your references to Roosevelt’s prayer on D-Day, and other thoughts deserve a ‘thank you!’…Thank you again for you very well expressed article.”
“I just wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed your reply to the individual that had written a response to one of your precious articles about ‘caring’…Thanks for being a very real American.”
“Your article is the definitive coverage on this…I hope many others read your exceptional article and derived as much from it as I did.”
“I just read your article…in the Forum and I’m telling you, it was fantastic and oh so truthful. I just hope people…are able to read it and just maybe it will enlighten them to some degree.”